MissLouOutdoors.com started as a collection of links to my favorite outdoors sites. Tired of trying to list all my URLs in MS Explorer’s dropdown list, I started saving links to some local resources and my favorite sites in a HTML page for better organization. Growing up in Ferriday, LA and learning to hunt and fish in the Natchez, MS area, I fondly called my link document, my MissLou Outdoors page. I decided to publish the original webpage so my friends could see our family outdoor pics, so I bought the domain name, misslououtdoors.com, in the early 90s. It was fun to keep it up and share hunting and fishing stories with my friends. I even put their pics up for them when they took a nice buck or had a fishing trip to share.

Soon I started getting emails to trade links.. OK.. sounds fun, but I didn’t have time with my real job and all to keep it updated. My traffic went up and I got emails from all over. So I finally figured I'd put a few ads on the site for my friends. An insurance ad here, a pay to hunt link there. One day a guy asked me what it cost to advertise on MissLouOutdoors.com. I told him I never thought about it? I just have it out there so I can find stuff quick? But I slept on it and figured, why not, it will help me afford to hire someone to put more great links on my MissLouOutdoor page.

For those of you in other states or remote reaches of LA and MS. “MissLou” was really coined years ago as the greater
Natchez, MS - Ferriday/Vidalia, LA region. The Natchez Bridge was the only connecting point between our two states for many miles. So the sportsmen, and sportswomen, shared the great outdoor activities through that corridor. I now like to think of “MissLou” as everything thing to do with our two great states. So while I have focused on the Natchez area in my website, I want it to be a resource that all the regions can enjoy.

My Qualifications? Well, as web programmer, none. As a Mislououtdoorsman, you could say I have spent some time there. I shot my first deer in Deer Park, LA in the 1960s, My Daughter shot her first in Doloroso, MS, My other daughter and her brother shot there first deer in Kingston, MS. I have caught a bass in every body of water from
Lake Mary to Lake Concordia. I have shot dove and duck from Sicily Island to Jonesville, and I have called turkeys from Port Gibson to Woodville. While that sure doesn’t qualify me to type in web code, I would argue that I know my way around the MissLou : - )

But I sure don’t claim to know every link to good information. So please send me your favorite links and I will get them added. And if you have a business that would like to advertise on MissLouOutdoors.com, we'd love to share it here on MissLou. Send me an email or click on the link below to find out how to advertise your business!

MissLouOutdoors.com is a Registered Trademark owned by MissLouOutdoors, L.L.C.

Ashlyn and Maggie enjoy some Pond Fishing in Kingston, MS

Jake's First Squirrel Hunt in the MissLou