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A 343 acre hardwood/pine timber farm along beautiful Sandy Creek in Southwest Mississippi. Nestled in between 2 1/2 miles of creek frontage and the Sandy Creek National Forest, this portion of Courtland and Moreland Plantation is our little piece of Paradise.




Trail Camera Shots



Our Deer Stands

Images from around the Farm

The Tipton
Bunny Field
Bridge Field South 
High Ridge Road
Sandy Creek 
The Bluffs  
Barbed Wire 
Cherry Laurel Plot  
Riverbirch Swamp 
The Bottleneck Woods 
Olive Field  
The 2nd Sand Bar  
Old Brick Road 
BridgeField North
Old Wooden Bridge 
Piney Lane
Double Cedar Plot
View from Swayze Hill  
Camp bluffs
Pikes Peak
BottleNeck Plot
Bottle Neck Lockon

Red Cedar Ranch Camp Site

Fun Pics from the Ranch

Beachfront property!  - Sandy creek borders miles of Red Cedar Ranch
Twin Lakes - 1 acre pond close to the camp
Merle and Hank by the fire
The Cold Hole -  a 10 foot deep hole in the creek by the camp
Butterflies are fun to hunt too!
Building The Tipton  - Our top field for taking bid Mississippi brutes
First Squirrel Hunt - My boy and I on his first hunt
Future Farmers of America - Jake and his first tractor ride
Always dessert ready at the Cedars Lodge - Ashlyn always loves to cook
 Ashlyn and her first Deer My Daughters first doe.
Jake in the creek and Jake by the creek
The Cliffs at Lizard Ledge  - The gang loves to slide off the sand bluff
Sampling my BBQ - Its hard to beat
Me and the deer slayer
relaxing in the shade
How do you clean a pig?  - The first Pig shot in the area...uh oh
We need one more to help us hold the bait


A Few Deer We Have Harvested on RCR  Properties


First Rack buck on RCR
Mature 9 point 125 class  
9 pt cull 
Cull 8pt 
Josh Jones 8pt
Haley's 4 year old 8pt
11 point with kicker and drop tine 
Ashlyn's first deer 
Hanah's first deer
Jason's big 142 inch 10 pt 
Josh's 220lb 8pt from Cherry
Josh's 9pt from the Bunny
8 point from the Rock Plot
Jakes 18" 8 point