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Jake DePrato shot this rutting Natchez 8 point on Christmas day. The peak of the rut around the MissLou normally falls between Christmas and New Years and this year is no different.

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Its was a different deer season to say the least, but some connected on bucks for the record books!


Josh Jones takes a wide 8 during New years break in Kingston. The deer movement was spotty with the hot weather but the rut carried on so if you were patient you will probably caught a chase in the first of January.


After the season is a great time to survey what you left for next year.There are lots of new cams out on the market. You can check out the game camera section of this website to find more information on game camera and see pics. In the mean time, get your camera out there and watch those horns grow.  Other useful links.

Two Game cams get the MLO stamp of a approval this year. You can't go wrong with these cams. See their links below

The New Palm Size Trophy Cam by Bushnell
The Reliable Cuddeback Capture


Frost on the pumpkin! Recent Snow (12-6-09) in Natchez cut over

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Fishing in the MissLou

Jake DePrato holds up a red eye bass he caught in the Homochitta River off HWY 61. He caught 10 that day with a wacky worm and small spinner bait.

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